Who had been Leslie Knope’s Real Closest Friend On ‘Parks And Rec? ’

Who had been Leslie Knope’s Real Closest Friend On ‘Parks And Rec? ’

Leslie Knope buddies together with her whole heart on Parks And Rec, which makes it her objective to offer the greatest presents and start to become there for anyone in unflappable dedication to her life and fervor. It’s a great deal, however it’s all originating from a location of love which means you have to simply cope with it and start to become overpowered by the force of her goodness. The real question is, that is Leslie’s friend that is best? Ben Wyatt, her adorkable husband is, of course, a effortless response, but we’re going to go right ahead and disqualify him for the purposes with this conversation. Rather, we’re taking a look at two prime, non-soulmate prospects: Ann Perkins and Ron Swanson. To make sure, each has an incident to help make, as well as 2 of our authors are game to test even as we both debate the problem and appear right straight straight back on among the better episodes from both the Leslie-Ann and Leslie-Ron buddy odyssey in recognition of Thursday night’s one-off return on NBC.

“The Fight” Season 3, Episode 13

Leslie and Ann have actually their very very very first major battle many thanks to a container of Snake Juice and Ann’s refusal to prep for a appointment (that Leslie forced upon her).

Jason Tabrys (group Ron): personally i think like before we are able to also determine whether Ron or Ann wins the blue ribbon right here, we have to talk about Leslie’s penchant for dealing with her buddies like paper dolls, organizing their life in a fashion that pleases her.

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